• 75 million Tweets on NFTs since January 2021, globally
  • NFT conversations on Twitter in India up by 3000%
  • 26% of women on Twitter believe that NFTs can be a lucrative investment

People come to Twitter to follow and talk about their interests, and there’s a burning new interest on the block – Non-Fungible Tokens aka NFTs. Last year, 375 million Tweets were sent out on NFTs globally. In fact, in India alone, the NFT conversation has increased by 3000% between January 2021 – January 2022.

While these numbers are exciting, what’s also to note is that just 15% of the conversation in India comes from women. Around the world, nearly 40% of women have never heard of NFTs, but the ones who have, acknowledge that NFTs are to be reckoned with! 26% of women believe that NFTs can be a lucrative investment, and 25% see it as an opportunity for exclusivity and to support independent artists. 24% of women think NFTs are a good way for brands to share new and exclusive content.

Clearly, women are leaning into the conversation and are ready to #OwnIt. Twitter is creating incredible opportunities for women during this massive shift in media and technology. Twitter’s open and conversational nature is enabling women to participate in this growing community of NFTs and own the conversations.

The #OwnIt Twitter emoji (woven spark) symbolizes the interweaving of different intersections, and as the spark spirals outwards from the center it encourages both individual and collective action from women. The overlapping and layering of the shapes conveys a sense of diversity and unity.

Several Indian women NFT artists are taking the lead in bringing more fellow women into the fold of this growing conversation. Among them is Akanksha Badaya (@ art_lover_09), a certified graphic designer from Jaipur, who has been working on a mix of digital and traditional art. She believes that Web 3 is the future and that, through NFTs, her art can reach a wider audience. She says, “My NFT journey started when I came across people sharing their NFTs on Twitter. That got me intrigued to know more about the space and research about it. I attended a few Twitter Spaces that helped me gain knowledge about the background of NFTs. To all the women artists aspiring to be part of the NFT community, it’s important to be original and confident about your work. Also, interact and connect with fellow artists. ”

To amplify their work and stories, underscore their contributions to the space and share powerful insights with other women, some NFT artists, including Akanksha, will be helping to launch Twitter’s first ever global female-led NFT Community – Women in NFTs. The growing interest in NFTs also presents the need to address misconceptions and doubts – 22% believe NFTs are only for rich people and 15% believe NFTs will devalue physical art – thus, the goal of the Community will be to create a safe space for women to share and get information, create connections and support each other.

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