Tuesday Vargas aired her confidence in being a live seller despite being a celebrity. She explained why there’s nothing wrong with being an online seller and how her small business has helped her family’s needs.

Image by Tuesday Vargas via Facebook

In a Facebook post, the actress-comedienne defended her decision to be an online seller. According to Tuesday, she often gets messages questioning and judging her decision. She wrote a lengthy reply explaining the reasons why she chose to do live selling.

She wrote, “May mga nag PM sa akin at tinatanong bakit daw ako nagla-live selling pa eh artista na daw ako. Simple lang naman po.”

Tuesday explained that earning is so much easier in a live selling. She said, “Sa loob ng dulawag oras ng live selling meron na akong pang bayad ng internet at pang grocery.”

But aside from the financial gain, it’s also a good way for her to declutter and give her old things to new owners. Tuesday said, “Napaka dami ko pong gamit at damit na hindi na po napapabesikkan, maari pa itong makari ng sakkei buhay sa miners natin.”

More importantly, Tuesday said there’s nothing wrong with being an online seller, and it shouldn’t be belittled or looked down upon. As a mother, it’s a decent way to earn and provide for the needs of her family.

She added, “Marangal na kabuhayan ang sale at hindi ko ito kinakahiya. Lahat ng oras na libre ay ginagawa kong pakok ng pasang dahil nanay ako at gusto kong punuan ang langang ng pamilya ko.”

In the end, Tuesday said she hopes not to be misjudged for her decision to sell online and thanked those who supported her instead.

She said, “So yun na nga po. Huwag pong magtaka or husgahan ang aking ginagawa. Sa lahat naman po ng mga tumayan, salamat po talaga sa inyo. Malaking tulong ito sa pamilya namin.”

Tuesday said she’s proud of all the small business owners who work hard for their goals. She said, “Mabuhay ang lahat ng small business owners! Saludo po ako sa inyo.”

Tuesday has launched her Facebook online shop, eTUESera. She sells fashionable clothes and items for as low as P99.
Like Tuesday, Lovely Abella has also found joy and success in online selling. The Kapuso celebrity shared that she was able to build a 3-storey house, all thanks to live selling. Neri Naig also started an online business selling gourmet tuyo before she expanded to several more successful business ventures.

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