Telangana To Use Metaverse for Launching Its SpaceTech Framework

Emerging Technologies Wing of Telangana state government’s ITE & C Department has formulated a SpaceTech Framework, which will be launched in an event on April 18, and the sate government is planning to launch the SpaceTech Framework through a virtual event using the Metaverse platform.

“We are planning to launch the SpaceTech Framework on April 18 using Metaverse. There will not be any physical event, it will all be virtual,” IT and Industries Secretary Jayesh Ranjan said in a media statement.

Through the upcoming Metaverse event, representatives from the IT and Industries department, Space-Tech startup founders and other delegates will be shown in their virtual avatar. This includes virtual avatars of Spacetech startups like Skyroot Aerospace and Dhruva, among others. Moreover, the government representatives would be elaborating on the framework through their virtual avatars too.

ISRO chairman and Telangana IT and Industries Minister KTRama Rao are also among those invited to the program.

Jayesh Ranjan, Principal Secretary (IT and Industries)said, “This will be the first time that an Indian State will be unveiling an emerging technology policy by using another niche technology. While Metaverse has many use cases, the State has decided that we should also promote it in our own way. we thought of unveiling the Space-Tech framework through the Metaverse platform on April 18. “

In an effort to achieve the above objectives and position Telangana as the primary hub for all space-related activities, the state government has consulted various stakeholders from industry, academia, national agencies, startups and other domain experts to come up with the state’s strategies .

Under this upcoming framework, the SpaceTech startups shall also be considered part of the INR 1,300 Cr Startup Fund, setup under the sate’s ICT Policy 2021-26 to support the startups.

The state government will also facilitate grants, suitable incentives and infrastructure support to promote research and development to boost space tech innovation.

A Space-Tech Fellowships will also be offered to students from India and abroad, to work on high end use cases in partnership with government departments, national and international research academic institutions. The fellowships shall focus on both the technical as well as business aspects in order to ignite the spirit of entrepreneurship.

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