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Infrastructure Law and Practice penned by Mr. Vismay P. Shroff was recently launched in Amazon. For those associated with the field of Infrastructure activity and study, particularly lawyers, consultants and policy makers, this newly authored book offers a focused study into the landscape of the subject. The book also carries a foreward by Minister of Road Transport and Highways of India Shri Nitin Gadkari. The author is an established lawyer and he has highlighted the various rules and regulations associated with the Indian Infrastructure industry he intends the book to be a reference point for all the infrastructure & construction companies in India or global companies looking to expand in India. The book covers laws ranging from constitutional to environmental laws, among others. It also provides detailed insights on Government policies, schemes of law and the business law side of infrastructure as a subject matter.

Speaking about the book, Mr. Shroff, said, “I was drawn towards this topic as it is a subject which covers several disciplines and provides a unique opportunity for policy makers and concessionaires to collaborate and develop projects anew. I was keen to provide an easy to read, a quick overview of the various subjects both local and global which concern this multifaceted space. I have written the book in a style that is engaging for non-lawyers and for lawyers and law students it is particularly instructive. Also, it was a great honor for me that Shri Gadkari Ji could take time out and write the foreward. This will give a whole new dimension to the book. ”

Shri Nitin Gadkari also spoke a few lines on the book and the author, ”This book by Vismay P. Shroff, provides useful material on law and policy aspects of infrastructure in India and covers the large canvas of our complex laws and practice areas in an interesting manner. To Central & State Governments, professionals, practitioners, and students alike, the book will prove to be helpful and dependable as an immensely useful resource. ”

Looking at India’s exponential growth with the infrastructure space teeming with activity and the government as well as the private sector heavily investing in the creation of better infrastructure both in terms of its immediate quality and with an eye on its longevity, this book will prove to be a holy grail for companies associated in this sector.

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