vEmpire DDAO Launches The Full Play-To-Earn Version Of Their Metaverse and NFT Trading Card Game

The two-player trading card game enables vEmpire community members to strategically battle against each other in fun and immersive ways to earn better rewards in the project’s DDAO (Democratic Decentralized Autonomous Organization)

Decentralized metaverse vEmpire today announced the launch of “The Beginning”A blockchain-based two-player play to earn trading card game, which enables gamers to strategically battle against each other for enhanced rewards in the DDAO.

“The full play-to-earn release of vEmpire:‘ The Beginning ’marks a monumental milestone for the project. It will enable vEmpire investors to earn even more lucrative returns from the DDAO, which has exposure to some of the most promising Metaverse protocols throughout the entire industry, marking the dawn of an entirely new possibility of playing to earn, ”he said. Dominic Ryder, CEO & Founder of the Empire DDAO.

Gamers will have the opportunity to choose which faction they would like to play as and will then be automatically matched up with an opponent playing as the opposing faction. Each faction has up to forty faction-specific cards and there are also twelve universal cards that can be used on both sides. When it comes to battle, players must choose twenty-five cards from their deck that will make up their “Legion”.

In-game, each player is randomly assigned a hand of fifteen cards from their Legion, with the remaining cards being put into their “Battle Deck”. Some cards have special abilities that allow players to dip into their Battle Deck and access cards that they’ve not been assigned in their initial hand.

To start the game, a virtual coin is flipped. The winner of the coin flip plays the first card. Players then take turns placing their cards until either both players decide to end the round or run out of cards. There are a total of three playable rounds and the objective is to win two out of the three to be crowned winner of the game.

At the end of each round, all cards on the battlefield are discarded and the following rounds are played with the cards that remain in the player’s hand. This means that players will need to strategically keep cards in reserve to be competitive in later rounds. If a player runs out of cards before the game finishes, they will forfeit the proceeding rounds, potentially costing them the game.

Holders of any of the Founding Soldiers NFTs will receive enhanced versions of their in-game cards if a card in their Legion is held in the wallet being used to play the game. While owning the NFT of a respective card will provide in-game boosts, the boost will not be overpowering and the strategy will still predominantly dictate the play of the game. In-game boosts simply provided players with a competitive edge in battle.

The game has been tested in various simulations, 3.7 million cards have been played over 170,000 games. The testing showed the game to have a good balance of strength and effects.

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