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4Fin, the Pune headquartered Micro-SME-focused Fintech lending platform, carried out a survey amongst their target segment to study the impact of the third wave of Covid. The Fintech Platform does anchor-based sourcing and it services its customers through Digital Distribution. Micro-SMEs account for 95% of all MSMEs in the country but happen to be the least catered to when credit facilities are concerned. 4Fin aims to focus on the largely untapped potential of this category by facilitating loans through a convenient and paperless process. It has presently activated anchors across Grocery, Pharma, Beverages & Confectionery, Clothing, Home Furnishing and Electric Vehicles Segment.

4Fin reached out to a diverse set of Micro-SMEs across the county and surveyed them on the aspects of the impact of the third wave of Covid. Their views were elicited on the parameters related to business continuity and credit cycles. The survey outcomes showed that the third wave of the pandemic, which initially invoked fears across the industry, had minimal impact. It indicated that the Micro SMEs were more resilient and better prepared this time to handle any disruptions. The entities surveyed also appreciated that the local authorities controlled the possible spread of the pandemic in a better way with no knee-jerk reactions like complete lockdowns.

The Micro SMEs are also very optimistic about the demand in the near future. With the Holi festival around the corner, sectors like Clothing are going ahead with the ramping up of their stocks. The Beverages & Confectionery segment is also very positive. A bulk of their business moves through youngsters. With the vaccination of teenagers and the opening of schools, the segment is witnessing strong tailwinds. The Pharma segment continues to benefit from the growing awareness among consumers on the aspect of preventive healthcare.

4Fin recently expanded its leadership team with the induction of Ashwin Agarwal & Abhilash Rathore, who joined as Co-Founders cum Chief Risk Officer (CRO) and Chief Technology Officer (CTO), respectively. Ashwin is an experienced Chartered Accountant and Banking Professional with over 17 years of experience across Credit, Risk, and Finance functions in Retail Lending. On the other hand, Abhilash is a seasoned technology leader with 20+ years of experience in designing and implementing Lending Solutions across the globe. He is also a Mentor / Judge at national & international level Hackathons. They have joined the other two Co-founders, Amit Tewary (CEO) & Ajit Sinha (CBO).

“With Ashwin and Abhilash joining us, we now have a stellar team. We have the right mix of lending experience and technological expertise – both equally crucial for succeeding in the Fintech Lending space, ”says Amit, CEO of 4Fin.

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